Monday, June 4, 2012

My Latest Obession ..


I have always loved & admired the detail of hand embroidered vintage linens.
Collecting pillow cases, table runners and small tablecloths.
They always had a one thing in common -
birds, flowers, a charming saying or a beautiful, decorative edge.

..  a few inspirations for linens you may have 
or new ways to display your handiwork ..

I am now on the hunt for wood hoops in all sizes and shapes
so I can continue the fine art I so admire.
Hopefully I will have something to show in the near future !

A quick search on the internet & I found a site, or two
where all those vintage patterns I love are available.
Now to find some quiet time to sit and stitch!


  1. You are definitely the go-to girl for vintage embroidered linens!! So glad you give them a new home as it always seems so sad to find them sitting in a thrift store when you know how much work and love went into them!

    1. Thanks Tracey! I have been collecting for years now . I now have have some new inspirations for linens I would normally pass by because of their condition.
      Cheers, Noelle

  2. What a charming post. I love your sweet buttons. My favorite is your clothes pin bag with the two little birdies peeking through the opening. Well done!

    1. Hey Ang! I love that clothes pin bag too. I think I will attempt that calendar project.
      .. off to hunt for more linens & wood hoops ..
      Good Luck at your sale this weekend! Noelle