Monday, June 11, 2012

My Calendar is Full & My Head is Spinning

May / June are such busy months,
Dance Rehersals, Dance Pictures, Dance Recitals,
Tae Kwon Do Testing, Pictures,  
2 Birthdays in 8 days, Father's Day,
it goes on and on ..

I really am looking forward to the dog days of summer,
My summer is already filled with getaways, entertaining guests,
dance camps & martial arts ..

.. a request from my son ..
cupcakes that resemble our family dog

.. and a campfire favorite - S'more Cupcakes,
my Daughter's ultimate sweet treat !

When I was looking for inspiration 
I came across some other ideas ..

.. this looks fun ..

Carnival Treats for a Carnival Inspired Day

.. a garden party inspired treat bag to take home after the party ..
fill with Gummy Worms,  Pretty Garden Gloves, and Seeds for Planting

So many great ideas and inspirations 
Have a Great Week ..

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