Thursday, November 1, 2012

the Day after Halloween . .

 We now have enough candy to last us 'til Easter . .

Laura Ingalls & my life size Skittles 
cleaned out the neighborhood.

I love to make them costumes every year
but this year I left it to last minute
and was madly sewing & painting only days
before the big night!

Hope everyone had a safe & Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chairs for Charity

On October 25th, 2012 -
 The Passionate Home will host their 2nd annual 
Chairs for Charity event
 in support of the Langley Christmas Bureau. 

So please join us between 6:30pm - 8:30pm and bid on your favorite chair. 
The Passionate Home is located at: 20506 Fraser Hwy, Langley, B.C.

My contribution is this little green chair with white slipcover complete with
 feather pillow and handmade buttons . .

A special thanks to Carrie and Kristine for arranging this event
that will help others in the community
 during this holiday season.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to get back inside & entertain . .

Our Autumn weather has arrived!
 In the Pacific Northwest we have enjoyed a wonderful Indian Summer
but reality has now set in and we are all spending more time indoors.

Time to spruce things up around the house & get ready to Entertain.

How about a pretty cup -
one of these beauties will be sure to bring a smile on a cold, dark day.

Sparkling glassware - ready for an impromptu get together -
make every occassion a special one!
Where do they find these fantastic display pieces?

 Handpainted plates & bowls stacked high on a shelf 
creates a casual way to entertain . .
Love the mirror & its rustic appeal beside the brightly patterned china. 

I have always admired this vintage floor cabinet -
the unexpected, paint color & shallow depth
would make a perfect place to display and admire your beautiful
glassware and plates when not in use.

I dream about all the things I would put in all those drawers . .

And after all that entertaining
why not curl up in your favorite chair & enjoy
browsing through one of these fantastic magazines -
not just your average magazine
but more like books filled with beautifully illustrated inspiration & ideas  . .

 - All items in the above photos can be found at Anthropologie -

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back To School . .

The kids are back and so is the routine . .

. . a little espresso in the morning, write a few emails, research for the Grove . .
Is that a swan I see?

With the new routine, also comes change.
Time to do a little decorating . .

Transform floor space into lounge space
with soft, comfortable casual seating.
Update your inserts by choosing from a wide variety
of covers to create the perfect look.

There are so many choices to make . .

One of Marimekko's first floral patterns,
Vihkiruusu ("wedding rose") was created in 1964
 by legendary designer Maija Isola.
Precise yet exuberant, 
Vihkiruusu is a stylized interpretation 
of a stemmed garden rose blooming in simple graphic repetition.

And sizes to choose from.


Lifelike bark is screenprinted by hand onto a plump, linen-covered cushion. 
No two are exactly alike. By Thomas Paul.

Wool crewelwork roses bloom around artist Trey Speegle's sentiment
 on this paint-by-number-inspired front-and-back pillow.

I love these two pillows from Anthropologie - 
be sure to check out the back side of these two beauties!

    Artist Trey Speegle's cause-and-effect sentiment 
    wraps from the front to the back of this wool crewelwork and canvas cushion.

    As you can probably guess, I love Pillows!

    I am currently working on putting some together
    from my collection of vintage fabrics that I have accumulated
    over the last 10 years . .  

    barkcloth, chenille, quilts and 40's & 50's feed sack.
    I will keep you posted when they become available
    through my Etsy store.

    Monday, June 18, 2012

    My New Blog

    I've started a new blog ..
    26 Doors
    It will be a Design journal of sorts
    documenting my days as I go through the design process
     - starting from the ground up !

    So please check out my story here
    as I make my way through the next 9 months ..

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    My Calendar is Full & My Head is Spinning

    May / June are such busy months,
    Dance Rehersals, Dance Pictures, Dance Recitals,
    Tae Kwon Do Testing, Pictures,  
    2 Birthdays in 8 days, Father's Day,
    it goes on and on ..

    I really am looking forward to the dog days of summer,
    My summer is already filled with getaways, entertaining guests,
    dance camps & martial arts ..

    .. a request from my son ..
    cupcakes that resemble our family dog

    .. and a campfire favorite - S'more Cupcakes,
    my Daughter's ultimate sweet treat !

    When I was looking for inspiration 
    I came across some other ideas ..

    .. this looks fun ..

    Carnival Treats for a Carnival Inspired Day

    .. a garden party inspired treat bag to take home after the party ..
    fill with Gummy Worms,  Pretty Garden Gloves, and Seeds for Planting

    So many great ideas and inspirations 
    Have a Great Week ..

    Monday, June 4, 2012

    My Latest Obession ..


    I have always loved & admired the detail of hand embroidered vintage linens.
    Collecting pillow cases, table runners and small tablecloths.
    They always had a one thing in common -
    birds, flowers, a charming saying or a beautiful, decorative edge.

    ..  a few inspirations for linens you may have 
    or new ways to display your handiwork ..

    I am now on the hunt for wood hoops in all sizes and shapes
    so I can continue the fine art I so admire.
    Hopefully I will have something to show in the near future !

    A quick search on the internet & I found a site, or two
    where all those vintage patterns I love are available.
    Now to find some quiet time to sit and stitch!

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    Scout Vintage & Handmade Market

    It was a 5' x 6' space absolutely filled with Vintage Goods ..

    Market guests had to visit the vendors 3 or 4 times 
    just to get a good glimpse of all the goods to be found ..

    cake bunting made from scraps of Vintage Flour Sack fabric ..

    cotton trim, twine, and black board brushes ..

    handmade paper tags and beautiful hand picked china ..

    a game of HOPSCOTCH anyone ?

    pillows in different sizes stitched up from Vintage Flour Sack 
    filled with luxurious feather inserts ..

    white chenille, heart pillows set atop white slipcovered chairs 
    from kid sized to adult all with ruffled hems ..

    the perfect accessory to be displayed on a table or stack of books ..

    There was just so much to see 
    and as usual I ran out of time to take pics of all the other wonderful booths.
    It really was a wonderful place to hunt for Vintage & Handmade Treasures.
     The weather made it a perfect Market weekend.

    It was a great day at the Market
    thanks to all the hard work and effort of

    PS. I will be posting new items in my etsy store within the next week
                           so please feel free to check out my new listings .. thanks for looking  

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    Happy Mother's Day !

    Mother Daughter Card

    Happy Mother's Day Mom!
    Have a wonderful day
    I love you,

    This card and other beautiful stationery can be found at Rifle Paper co.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Happy Birthday Dulce de Leche !

    Today our Labradoodle Dulce de Leche 
    is 3 Years Old ..

    .. to celebrate I baked cupcakes ..

    topped them off with a Peanut Butter, butter cream 
    the cookie on top is not an OREO
     but a dog biscuit disguised as one ..

    Yum !
    I think the Birthday Dog approves ..

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Hello ..

    I have been such a lazy blogger. 
    But I have been busy creating and working on projects for ..
    Scout Vintage and Handmade Market
    May 25th & 26th, in Abbotsford, BC.

    Along with family duties, 
    enjoying the inconsistent Spring Time weather, 
    and planning 26 Townhomes.
    There never seems to be enough time ..
    .. BIG sigh ..

    Hope to see you at the Scout Vintage Market !

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Happy Valentine's Day !

    A Very Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone !

    These are a few vintage Valentines I picked up the other day ..
    Aren't the sayings charming?

    Bushels of love to You !

    To My Valentine, 
    I'm STAR-ry eyed over you

    U R the 1 
    4 me

    Running to be your Valentine

    We'd make a perfect MATCH !

    Don't " BRUSH " me off,
    Valentine !

    This is one of my favorites with the paper honeycomb in perfect condition.
    Hope you get to spend a little time
     with someone special today!