Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice ..

Now I know why Orange Juice costs so much ..

.. I bought 4 
 3lb bags of Heirloom Naval Oranges yesterday ..

I decided it would be a great idea to make
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice this morning for the family ..

I used about 4 oranges for each 4 oz glass of juice !

WOW! You can just taste the sunshine.
How do you start your day?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Got Lemons ?

Organic Meyer Lemons ..

I know .. they 're huge!

we juiced ..

 we zested ..

we used a crazy amount of eggs ..

and we mixed ..

almost 4 hours later,
we had 4 jars of Lemon Curd 


a pan of Lemon Bars ..

What a great way to spend a wintery, Saturday morning.
How do you spend your Saturday Mornings?

PS. A special thank you to Heather for letting us make a mess in her kitchen.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Its been a long time ..

Here's a recap of my last 4 months ..

our family dog Dulce de Leche had a litter of 
10 Labradoodle Puppies
on September 22, 2011

to find great new homes for our PUPS!
Most of my blogging time was spent posting on this site.
here are some photos  ..

.. puppies first playtime on grass ..

.. puppies see their reflection for the first time !

.. took 10 Puppies to the vet
 that was interesting ? ..

Travelled to Palm Springs twice in November 
to check up on my third renovation project ..


.. took a quick trip to Chicago
 to visit some friends 2nd week in December ..

.. holiday shopping and store windows were amazing ..

.. of course the Jonathan Adler store was a must
on the TO DO LIST .. ..

.. a beautiful store
filled with inspiring pieces ..

Chicago is a City with many well known restaurants including..


..  reservations for lunch at Frontera Grill
where I was lucky enough to have my cookbook signed
by the award winning restauranteur
 Rick Bayless ..

.. if you love Mexican you must visit one of his 3 restaurants
the food was amazing !

.. if you don't already know I am a big ANTHROPOLOGIE fan ..
and whenever I travel I make an effort to visit the local store 

.. the store in Chicago had an amazing home section !

.. so much to see ..
 I didn't know which way to turn?

.. cool signage on an original brick wall inside Anthropologie ..

Next ..
Packed up the family for Christmas Holidays ..

 I packed everyone of these candles to bring down to our vaction home
I know a little crazy? 
It only took 3 suitcases to distribute the weight !

A little more work on the house over the holidays ..
maybe too much ?

A well planned Kitchen with loads of storage !

 Move In Ready !

 Large sunny Living Room 

Private Patio with Pool 
Great for entertaining! 
.. pics coming soon ..

Onto the next project ..
working with my husband to complete 26 Town Homes
from the ground up !