Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back To School . .

The kids are back and so is the routine . .

. . a little espresso in the morning, write a few emails, research for the Grove . .
Is that a swan I see?

With the new routine, also comes change.
Time to do a little decorating . .

Transform floor space into lounge space
with soft, comfortable casual seating.
Update your inserts by choosing from a wide variety
of covers to create the perfect look.

There are so many choices to make . .

One of Marimekko's first floral patterns,
Vihkiruusu ("wedding rose") was created in 1964
 by legendary designer Maija Isola.
Precise yet exuberant, 
Vihkiruusu is a stylized interpretation 
of a stemmed garden rose blooming in simple graphic repetition.

And sizes to choose from.


Lifelike bark is screenprinted by hand onto a plump, linen-covered cushion. 
No two are exactly alike. By Thomas Paul.

Wool crewelwork roses bloom around artist Trey Speegle's sentiment
 on this paint-by-number-inspired front-and-back pillow.

I love these two pillows from Anthropologie - 
be sure to check out the back side of these two beauties!

    Artist Trey Speegle's cause-and-effect sentiment 
    wraps from the front to the back of this wool crewelwork and canvas cushion.

    As you can probably guess, I love Pillows!

    I am currently working on putting some together
    from my collection of vintage fabrics that I have accumulated
    over the last 10 years . .  

    barkcloth, chenille, quilts and 40's & 50's feed sack.
    I will keep you posted when they become available
    through my Etsy store.