Monday, May 28, 2012

Scout Vintage & Handmade Market

It was a 5' x 6' space absolutely filled with Vintage Goods ..

Market guests had to visit the vendors 3 or 4 times 
just to get a good glimpse of all the goods to be found ..

cake bunting made from scraps of Vintage Flour Sack fabric ..

cotton trim, twine, and black board brushes ..

handmade paper tags and beautiful hand picked china ..

a game of HOPSCOTCH anyone ?

pillows in different sizes stitched up from Vintage Flour Sack 
filled with luxurious feather inserts ..

white chenille, heart pillows set atop white slipcovered chairs 
from kid sized to adult all with ruffled hems ..

the perfect accessory to be displayed on a table or stack of books ..

There was just so much to see 
and as usual I ran out of time to take pics of all the other wonderful booths.
It really was a wonderful place to hunt for Vintage & Handmade Treasures.
 The weather made it a perfect Market weekend.

It was a great day at the Market
thanks to all the hard work and effort of

PS. I will be posting new items in my etsy store within the next week
                       so please feel free to check out my new listings .. thanks for looking  

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