Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part II - My Day at the Market

My Day At The Market ..
Part II

.. with only two hours to haul everything out of the mini van
it was amazing that we were able to find a spot to display everything 
I couldn't have done it without the help of my close friend Angela .. 
- thanks so much -

.. quilts in less than perfect condition 
are washed and repurposed into pillow covers -
all pillows made from vintage quilts are finished with french seams ..

.. dolly beds in different shapes and sizes were dressed
with custom bedding using vintage and sometimes new fabrics - 
the tiny tin kitchen made an excellent background for that little bed ..


.. Clementine the Cat found a place to have her lunch 
on this comfy cushion ..

.. all vintage doll high chairs included
a dolly diaper bag, vintage melmac dish and spoon, 
and custom chair pad ..

.. time for a walk ?
vintage dolly prams included a quilt, mattress, pillow, 
stuffed dog for the doll and dolly diaper bag ..

.. this vintage beauty is made from string and heavy paper 
woven into a simple pattern and painted white
two pieces of vintage cotton were used to make the pram liner, blanket and pillow case
and a quilt remmant was used to make the dolly diaper bag ..

Thanks again for stopping by the Vintage Ivory Market this weekend.
It was a lot of fun and if you did come out I hope you had a great day too !!

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