Friday, May 20, 2011

Vancouver Has a New Store Window To Visit

Anthropologie Finally Makes It To Vancouver !

.. as you probably have already guessed I am
a big fan of Anthropolgie and loyal customer

here is my review of the new Vancouver store ..
the store was soooo busy
pictures were almost impossible to take
  i think that means a second trip, hmmm ..

..  the store window ..
imaginative and creative as always
but a bit on the small size 

.. view from the 2nd floor ..
this was my favorite part of the store
i love clocks
and display them throughout my house
but i think i'd have to move to 
fit this one in
oh, darn!

.. oversized wood spools ..
always a favorite of mine
the everchanging displays 
seen throughout the store
they are usually found and one of a kind objects

.. beautiful handmade stationary ..
i always like to check out 
the latest and greatest stationary offerings at Anthropologie
they make beautiful gifts for every occassion

.. colorful pottery ..
who doesn't love handmade, painted pottery
there is always an abundance to be found here in so many colors

.. unique housewares ..
another reason to visit an Anthropologie store soon
for an incredible selection of glassware, linens & pretty aprons

.. macrame ? ..
did i mention that the 70's is really big right now
who'd ever thought that macrame would ever be seen again
- on the fence about that one ? -

.. summer fashion ..
and how could i forget 
Anthropologie also sells clothing and accessories 
offering a large collection of designers 
there is always an abundance of 
pretty dresses, skirts, tops
and of course
an awesome selection of stretchy belts to be found
- my favorite place to shop for a good belt -

Please visit the new Anthropologie store located at:

2912 South Granville 

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  1. Ooops... don't know how I deleted my comment!
    Anyways I love all the colour at Anthropologie. I feel a shopping trip coming on. Let's go girl!