Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Is Here at Anthropologie

Love, Love, Love ...

 .. the new displays at Anthropologie are even more unique and one of a kind .. 

.. the linen at Anthropologie is always inspirational ..

.. just pick a color and go crazy decorating ..

.. wouldn't this make an awesome display and storage unit ..

.. the glass and dinnerware would make anyone want to cook up a storm ..

.. I'll take one of each .. Please !!

.. did I mention that I liked the displays at Anthropologie ..

.. all the store displays are unique and individual to each store ..

.. I think its time to Spring Clean .. 

.. 'cause there's just too many nice things at Anthropologie right now ..

.. I'm quite fond of the green bowls and glasses ..
What's your favorite color in the kitchen ?

.. I must not also forget to mention the shower curtains that hang so beautifully 
in the store but would look as equally beautiful at home .. sigh

If you ever get a chance to go to Anthropologie please take the time
 to wander and be inspired by the beautiful handpicked items 
created by many amazing artisans out there ..


  1. Oh I can see how this is your fave shop! I love the colours for Spring. The fabric mixer is so neato. One day I will make it there. I hope you treated yourself to somthing.