Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snowfall 2010

..The majestic maple tree in our front yard
 looked beautiful with its snow covered branches ..

.. my tiny little garden was also was a Winter Wonderland ..

.. then there was our Labrodoodle Dulce
 enjoying her first snowfall ..

.. the fresh powdery snow was flying every where
as she bounced around the yard with the kids ..

. . the snow tasted soooo good that day ..

.. then it was time to come in ..

..  just look at those paws,
too cute,
 all covered in snow ..


  1. I can just picture her springboarding around the yard. It's the poodle in her.
    The best pic was her feet!!! My guy and I laughed and laughed. You go Dulce girl.

  2. Hey Noelle,
    Great to see the doggy is feeling better!!!
    Love the snow!!
    Happy day!