Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anthropologie Opens in the Desert!

.. it's finally Open !

.. i would always make my bed, if it looked like this ..

Last week I attended the Opening of the newest ANTHROPOLOGIE in Southern California! As expected the store is full of inspiration for your home and closet. If you have ever visited one of these stores you will know what I am talking about. The store is filled with one of a kind pieces of furniture used to display ANTHROPOLOGIE'S unique housewares and clothing. Each store has its own look and atmosphere but there is definitely a common design element. Lots of natural materials such as raw timbers, concrete, metal and even some water provide the store with an excellent backdrop to showcase their wares. If you are lucky enough to visit a store that offers shoes make sure to have a look. This is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for something special to wear or pick up a gift! The fun doesn't stop there. Check out their online store and catalog for even more!

One of the many original & one of a kind items used for display. This rag rug was proudly put together by the girls in the store. After gathering secondhand duvet covers & other bits of fabric the girls sat down in the back to start this ambitious project. Job well done..
( thanks Jennifer for the insider tip! )

.. stacks of beautifully, hand painted plates piled high on a rustic wood table ..

.. tea cups, colored glassware & kitchen linen ..

.. i love, love the scent of this handmade soap from
Sweet Petula - milk & honey ..

.. so many choices.. 
any of these knobs are sure to sparkle on a new or vintage dresser

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